UAB: More women dying from heart disease than men

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) – Women out there might want to hold back on the Superbowl snacks this year and maybe stick to the vegetables.

According to the University of Alabama at Birmingham, more women die from heart disease than men every year without ever realizing they are at risk. Heart disease happens to be the number one killer of women.

"After having a heart attack, a woman's chance of not surviving the first year or having another heart attack is greater than a man's," says University of Alabama at Birmingham cardiologist Alan Gertler, M.D. Preventing a heart attack, he says, is a critical objective.

After menopause, the risk of heart disease for women increases as they age. Gertler says that the incidence of heart disease in women overtakes men by their late 50's. The reason behind this being menopausal women are more likely to be obese and have diabetes, plus changes during menopause cause a dip in good cholesterol.

For optimum heart health, Gertler advises women of all ages to know their risk factors and change the ones they can.

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