UAB making plans for on-campus stadium

By Sherea Harris

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - There is some exciting news for the UAB Blazers. Plans are underway for football stadium on campus.

The Blazers have played their home games at Legion Field since the existence of the program in 1991. But officials say it's time for the program to have its own field instead of sharing Legion Field.

The nearly 30,000-seat "horseshoe shaped" stadium would be located on 6th Avenue South just north of the current football practice field.
Preliminary plans were presented to the board of trustees on Thursday.

"We feel it's time, for the growth of our program, to look at our own campus stadium. That is what most members of our conference have. It's very rare that people play in off campus stadiums anymore," said Richard Margison, Vice President of Financial Affairs and Administration.

Margison says the stadium will give coaches and players a better environment to play and compete.

Many students like the idea, but some have mixed feelings. Take graduate student Crystal Goodman for example. She said "I think it would be great for the student population to be able to stay on campus and go to games. But at the same time, I think UAB has been a good presence at Legion Field."

Former UAB student Will Buie said, "We don't need all of Legion Field. We need a smaller stadium. It'll lead to more school spirit. All of the football games would be fuller."

A leadership team, chosen by UAB's president, is researching what it will take to construct and operate such a facility.

There is no time table on the project. The stadium is part of the school's long term plan for growth and would have to be approved by their board of trustees.

The stadium is just one part of the university's long term plan. It also includes a new College of Arts and Sciences building, new student housing, and upgrading and expanding the Hill University Center.

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