22 non-profits benefit from grant donations

BIRMINGHAM, ALA. (WBRC) - The Alabama Civil Justice Foundation donated more than $135,000 to 22 different non-profit organizations today. The money makes a big difference to struggling organizations that desperately need it in order to continue helping others.

Constance More with the Alabama Music Cultural Arts Center said her $3,000 check is a big deal.

"It will help move us forward. We're a young organization and we're in that building mode, to move to the next level," she said.

Special Equestions, a non-profit that provides therapeutic horseback riding for adults and children with disabilities, also benefited from the donations.

Greg Powell's 16-year-old daughter participates in the program and says the money will not only boost the organization, but will also help the families who are involved.

"It really goes to allow the families to provide for the kids who can't pay for it. That alone is worth it all," he said.

The Alabama Civil Justic Foundation says they look forward to giving out more money next year. The foundation has donated more than nine million dollars since 1992.

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