Orange and Fennel Salt Roasted Whole Fish

Orange and Fennel Salt Roasted Whole Fish
1 2-4 lb Whole fish (snapper, bass or something similar)
2 lbs Orange infused Kosher Salt *see note below
4 fresh bay leaves
1 bulb of fresh fennel, reserving fronds, julienned
Parsley, 1/4 C, stems included
1 naval orange, sliced
Make sure your fish is fresh and has been gutted
Preheat oven to 400
* To make orange infused salt, combine salt and orange zest at least 4 hours prior to
To prepare fish, stuff cavity with fennel bulbs, some fronds, parsley, and orange slices
In a baking dish slightly larger than your fish, cover the bottom with orange infused salt.
Place 2 bay leaved in salt, lay fish on top of that. Mound remaining salt (or as much as
needed) over fish and place the other 2 bay leaves on top.
Roast in oven 30 minutes for every lb of fish. This is one instance where you have to
depend on the timing versus checking the temperature of your fish. To Serve, simply
crack crust and remove gently rubbing off the skin. The skin will protect the fish from
absorbing the salt.

Noon Cooking - February 2, 2011