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Editorial: Alabama's Superbowl Impact

The following is an editorial from FOX6 WBRC-TV General Manager Lou Kirchen, first aired on Tuesday, February 2, 2011:

I think it can be said, fairly, that there's no state in the union that has had a bigger impact on the game of football than Alabama.  Both the quality and quantity of talent produced by our fair state is remarkable.  After stellar performances at the college level, many have gone on to lead teams in the NFL, both on the field and on coaching staffs.

That impact will be evident this Sunday in the 45th Super Bowl here on Fox 6.  Our state is well represented on both the Steelers and Packers teams.  Steelers' players include Defensive Back Anthony Madison who played for Alabama and Defensive Lineman Steve McClendon who played for Troy.  The Packers have Cornerback Pat Lee from Auburn and Safety Charlie Peprah from Alabama.

On the coaching side…Steelers coaches who did some of their college coaching in Alabama or who grew up here include: Offensive Coordinator Bruce Arians who has coached at 'Bama; Defensive Line & Assistant Head Coach John Mitchell who coached at Alabama and with the Birmingham Stallions and who was one of the first African Americans to play at Alabama and James Daniel from Wetumpka, who coached at Alabama State and Auburn.

The Packers coaching staff includes:  Outside Linebackers Coach Kevin Greene who coached at Auburn and Secondary Coach Joe Whit, Jr. who played for Auburn.

Although neither the Packers nor the Steelers are Southeastern Conference teams, both teams will reflect a little bit of our state's excellent football legacy.

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