McGregor attorneys back away from ankle bracelet removal motion

MONTGOMERY, AL (WBRC) - Attorneys for Victoryland owner Milton McGregor say Tuesday is not the day to get his electronic monitoring bracelet taken off. It took about 8 minutes in the courtroom before McGregor's attorneys withdrew their motion to remove the monitoring bracelet the casino owner has worn since October.

Joe Espy, one of the attorneys, said McGregor's legal team decided that there are other battles worth fighting in this trial.

"We made a strategic decision as Mr. Green and I got there as to whether or not this was a battle we needed to fight today or later and we made the decision it was a battle to fight later," said Espy. "And Mr. McGregor concurred and followed our thoughts on that and that's the reason it happened."

McGregor's attorneys did not classify the delay as a setback, saying that they are still going to attempt to have him tried separately from the other defendants.

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