Shelby County prepares to vote on tax extension


SHELBY COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - Shelby County residents will head to the polls next week to vote on extending the 30-mill property tax for schools for another 30 years.

Shelby County School Superintendent Randy Fuller said residents are not voting on a tax increase, just a continuation of the existing tax. He said it generates $75 million a year for the school system, which is 28 percent of the budget. And it is necessary to help the district grow and strive.

"We have a special school system with well-rounded schools," said Fuller. "This pays for personnel. It pays for programs, operations, transportation, custodians, and utilities." Fuller also said as the district continues to grow, the money is even more important. "In the next 6 years we will grow by 3000 students, so this renewal gives us the opportunity to secure new bonds, and build new buildings."

The 30-mill means that a person who owns a $100,000 home pays $300 in yearly property taxes that go to the school system. Some Shelby County residents said since that amount will not change, they plan to vote yes.

"The education system is suffering enough," said Kisha Vassar, a parent. "My children go to schools in this system so I want to support  them getting any funding they can."

The vote is Feb. 8, 2011.

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