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'You Are Beautiful' artists talk to FOX6

By Beth Shelburne

HOMEWOOD, AL (WBRC) - Will the "You Are Beautiful" artists reveal themselves at Monday's city council meeting in Homewood?

The grafitti signs began appearing around Birmingham last October.  The first was on the Highland Avenue overpass above the Red Mountain Expressway.  They all include three simple words, "You Are Beautiful," and until now we have not known who was behind the campaign.

FOX6 was the only television station to speak with a pair of grafitti artists who say they are responsible.  Because their most recent installation in Homewood was shut down before they finished, they decided to speak out about why they're doing this and how they've pulled it off so far.  

They say their most ambitious sign, the one above the Red Mountain Expressway, took them about an hour and a half.  They did it at 2 a.m. one October morning.

"We just put a roller on the end of a broomstick so it was long enough and just leaned over the bridge and painted it really."

"We didn't do that much psychological preparation, we just did it. It really was a last minute kind of thing."

They wont tell us their names, but here's what we do know. The man and woman are both in their twenties.  He's from Homewood, she's from Birmingham. They say they're behind seven large "You Are Beautiful" signs and some smaller ones.

And even though what they're doing is illegal, to them it's about the message.

"It's just meant for everybody so that everyone for one minute out of the day will feel good about themselves, and maybe have a moment of comfort in who they are."

Their Facebook page has more than 1,000 fans, and after the owner of a Homewood business said publicly he liked the signs, they showed up.

They say he gave them his blessing and even bought them the paint.

For the first time the pair felt like they had permission, so they worked in broad daylight, putting in 25 hours of labor until code enforcement officers stopped them on day five for not having a permit. They didn't think they needed one because of an exemption for artistic displays in the Homewood signs ordinance.

The issue will now go before the Homewood city council monday night.

So will the artists show up? They're not sure.

"That's kinda the difficult thing for us... we'd like to do legal pieces. This was our first attempt to do one, but we get shut down either way."

So for now, Homewood's "You Are Beautiful" is incomplete.  It reads "You Ar."

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