Attalla to fix school's leaking roof


ATTALLA, AL (WBRC) - Attalla's school board will have an emergency meeting Monday to fix what they call a "roof emergency." Snowfall has riddled Attalla Elementary School with leaks in almost every classroom.

The school was once Curtiston Primary School until a consolidation in the last few years turned it into Attalla Elementary. The leaks first showed when students returned from missing school days after the January snowfall.  But the leaks worsened when the snow melted on the flat roof that held water.

Consequently, one classroom had to be vacated because it had so many leaks.

In other rooms, teachers covered computers, books, and other equipment with plastic and moved students to another side of the room.

"We're just putting out trash cans to try to catch the leaks and just doing the best that we can under the circumstances," says Principal Nancy Mitchell.

"The teachers are just doing wonderful under the circumstances. I have to give them credit. They're able to continue with their teaching because they know we're here for the students."

David Bowman, the school board's Director of General Services, tells FOX6 NEWS taht architects and insurance agents have already thoroughly inspected the school and came up with plans for a replacement.  It'll involve a metal gabled roof. So next time the snow and ice melts, the water will slide off. It will not puddle and cause leaks.

The repairs will cost $200,000 when Attalla, like other Alabama school systems, struggles with proration-related budget woes.

"Schools across the state are in terrible shape financially. So anything of this magnitude is going to be detrimental for our system," Bowman told FOX6 NEWS.

Still, Bowman believes Monday's anticipated action by the school board simply must happen, "It's a necessity, it's something that has to be done."

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