Cleaning service provides free help for chemo patients

By Ashley Nix

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Memorial Day 2010 started the nightmare for Cindy Williams.  It was the scariest thing she had ever experienced--breast cancer.

"It was like living in a nightmare," Williams said. "I wasn't sick, didn't feel bad, no health issues, no history of breast cancer. I found a lump and I was terrified."

Surgery came first, then chemotherapy and all its side affects.

"It made all my hair fall out, felt like I was going through menopause, had hot flashes, nausea.  It was sort of like being pregnant, but not.  Then I had flu-like symptoms where you feel achy and hurt all over."

The 46-year old single mom who still worked everyday was a bit overwhelmed. Friends showered her with pink gifts, then showered her with the unexpected.

"They decided to take up money to purchase some gift certificates for house cleaning," Williams said.

Those friends found out about a program called Cleaning for a Reason which aims to help chemotherapy patients by offering free home cleaning services.  2 Maids and a Mop is one local company participating.  Manager Alicia Glenn says the company is happy to help patients through their most difficult times.

"A lot of the people are very sick and going through a very sick time in their lives," Glenn said.  "It's something we do to brighten their day a little bit."

Williams said out of everything everyone did for her, Cleaning for a Reason was the absolute best, giving her peace of mind and a break from reality.

"It was an incredible relief," Williams said. "It was probably the thing that kept me going."

To find out more about Cleaning for a Reason, click on their website:

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