Spencer Bachus pushing to repeal healthcare reform

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Sixth District Congressman Spencer Bachus is echoing fellow Republicans in Congress by saying it is time to start over with the healthcare reform law. He joined house Republicans this week in voting to repeal the landmark law passed in 2010.

The repeal is unlikely to succeed in the Democrat-controlled Senate. Still, Bachus favors re-writing the law measure by measure. He says that would mean keeping popular measures like coverage for people with pre-existing conditions and increasing the coverage age for adult children to 26. Bachus also backs a proposal to allow people to shop for coverage across state lines.

"This bill has so many snakes in it. So many problems in it," said Bachus in an interview on Good Day Alabama on Friday morning. "So much federal government command and control. We say wipe it out and start over with most of those things that you and I and most of the American people say we agree on."

Bachus is chairman of the House Financial Services Committee. He says he has similar concerns with last year's reform of the banking industry. Bachus says the law over-reaches and interferes with the relationship between consumers and bankers.

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