Jeffco Commission: Jobs will have to be cut

JEFFERSON COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - Jefferson County commissioners are taking out their red pens and slashing the budget by more than $31-million dollars and that is still not enough to save jobs or county services.

Next week, the Jefferson County Commission will vote on the $31 million in cuts. Another budget review is expected with the county looking at losing $70 million from the loss of the job tax and the recent revelation that past commissioners used the $25 million J.P. Morgan settlement to balance last year's budget.

Commissioners say they have made all the cuts that are possible without taking out any jobs or services. Now, they feel they have no choice but to make those cuts.

"We have made the cuts that are necessary to operate within our current constraints," said Commissioner Jimmie Stephens. "With the loss of the occupational tax, there is nothing left to cut except jobs."

Now, the county's next move is to decide which jobs and services are required by law and which ones are not.

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