Flying ice causes fear and quick decisions for drivers

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - By Sherea Harris

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - For many of you, remnants of the winter storm still exist atop vehicles.

Many folks are driving with thick ice and snow on their vehicles, that can cause problems on the highways.

Here's the situation. After the winter storm, folks scraped the ice and snow from their windows but didn't clear it from the rest of the vehicle. That's not a problem until you start driving on the highway and others dodge flying ice.

The sheets and chunks of ice left on the vehicle loosens and goes flying.

It caused Brandy Fike to get quite a scare behind the wheel.

She was coming from Bessemer traveling down 1-59 towards Birmingham when a large sheet of ice came flying towards her car. She slammed on her brakes to avoid it.

"I was mad more than anything," said Brandy Fike. "I had children in the vehicle. If it had hit the car no there's telling what would of happened."

Horace Walker Jefferson County EMA Officer said, "I don't know how much damage it could cause to their vehicle, but I'm sure it could cause them to swerve or have an accident."

Fike was thankful she didn't cause an accident by slamming on her brakes. She could have very easily been rear ended. Folks are strongly advised to clear the ice off of your vehicle the best way you can before driving.

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