Rural roads still face icing

CALHOUN COUNTY (WBRC) - Despite improving weather conditions, Calhoun County is still dealing with some slippery spots.

Wednesday county work crews continued to spread gravel and silt on areas that still had icy patches. The county closed Millbranch Road, but reopened Cotaquilla Road.

One man who lives on Cotaquilla Road said he had to walk a mile from his car because of the road closure.

Calhoun County engineer Brian Rosenbalm says country roads have their own issues when it comes to snow, ice and freezing temperatures.

"Some of them don't get the sunlight that these big roads get," Rosenbalm said. "Some of them don't get the traffic that the other roads get. And so some of those road conditions are slightly worse."

Some roads have even more issues because they are at a higher elevation and have lots of curves, which is why Bains Gap Road near White Plains also remains closed.

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