Vestavia family struggles with Chinese drywall

VESTAVIA HILLS (WBRC) - Less than year after buying what they thought was their dream home, the Wood family moved out of their old home in Liberty Park once they noticed something that was terribly wrong.

"I'd say from the first day I moved in, I smelled a funny smell," Miriam Wood said.

Miriam and her husband, Chris, described the smell as "chemical" smelling, but then the air conditioner stopped working, coils were found to be corroded and other appliances also quit.

"A computer that failed, lights that'll blink on and off, microwave buttons that won't work… it's just one thing after another," Chris Wood said.

The Woods say the problem was due to toxic Chinese drywall, an imported building material that several homeowners across the country have had serious problems with.

However, the appliance issues were incomparable compared to the health problems the Wood's son began to face.

"Our son was only one year old, just couldn't seem to get healthy," Chris Wood said. "A lot of sinus things, respiratory type issues, a lot of blood in the nose when he would wake up in the morning, things that we're very unsettling."

The issue was so severe that the Wood's decided to move out of their dream home and into an apartment, forcing them to pay a mortgage, a rent and double the utilities.

Immediately, all of their son's health problems disappeared and the Woods joined a class action law suit.

"We had a lot of plans and now it's all just hinged on whether we'll be able to fix our home or not and if we're going to be able to recover," Miriam Wood said.

Fixing their home won't be easy. It will mean completely gutting their beautiful home and basically starting over. Now they're patiently awaiting the legal process to take its course.

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