Back-to-back national championships boost sales, pride in Alabama

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Just hours after winning the BCS title game, Auburn fans lined up to get their national championship gear at the Bama Fever/Tiger Pride store in Hoover. Managers say back-to-back titles in the state have sent their sales through the roof.

"We're doing great business from last year. It melded into this year with Auburn, we haven't stopped doing great all year," Justin Irvin, manager of Bama Fever/Tiger Pride,said.

In addition to boosting sales of shirts and hats, Auburn and Alabama's consecutive titles have put the state in the national spotlight, which could have an impact for years to come, according to Robin Oliver, vice president of public relations at Big Communications.

"I definitely think that right now there is a huge sense of pride in Alabama. We are proud to be Alabamians and you can't beat word-of-mouth advertising. They will hear about more than sports, they will hear about things we do in our free time, and that is a boost to all of Alabama," Oliver said.

Tigers and Tide fans agree the victories are great for the state and the entire Southeastern Conference. For now, fans who wear crimson, orange or neither have something in common: their state is on top, and they have a lot to be proud of.

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