Editorial comments: Auburn leadership

There are editorial comments from Fox 6 WBRC General Manager, Lou Kirchen, from a segment that first aired Tuesday, Jan. 11, 2011.

You know that list of fun things you want to do, but never find the time to do…well for me, one of them has been to read John Wooden's book on leadership.  Well, finally I'm getting it done.  He is a coaching legend and under his leadership, UCLA won an unprecedented 10 NCAA basketball championships, including seven consecutive ones.  I was reflecting on what I've learned about and from him as I watched the National Championship game.

Among the values that Coach Wooden held dear, was insisting that his players give 100%...be the best they could be, be determined and focused, team-spirited and loyal.  In return he gave them, his best.  He set the example.  His teams reflected his values.   He said, others may have more talent than you…may be bigger and stronger, but if you are disciplined, determined and give your best, you will be successful.   You certainly can't argue with his record of success.
As I watched Auburn play their hearts out…watched the defense step up again and again against a typically high scoring offense…watched Nick Fairly become a leader…marveled at Michael Dyer's refusal to be brought down and watched Gene Chizik accept the trophy with such grace, giving credit to the team, the fans, the University …I thought John Wooden would have said…Well done, well done.
War Eagle.

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