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Dyer's amazing run seals victory for Auburn

(WSFA video) (WSFA video)

By Dennis Washington

GLENDALE, AZ (WBRC) - The offensive MVP of Monday's game earned the honor with a play that Oregon fans believe should have ended a lot sooner than it did.

The game was tied at 19 with 2:08 left in the game. Auburn had the ball on their own 25 yard line, trying to get downfield in time to kick a field goal. Quarterback Cam Newton takes the snap and hands off to running back Michael Dyer, who runs a few yards and tangles with Eddie Pleasant of Oregon. At first glance, it appears Dyer and Pleasant fall to the ground but, after examining the video more closely, Dyer falls on top of Pleasant but never hits the ground.

Dyer then stands up and continues to run, gaining a total of 37 yards and putting the ball inside the Oregon 30 yard line.

That set up a 19-yard field goal Wes Byrum as time expired to give the Auburn Tigers a 22-19 win over Oregon.

After the game, Dyer was asked what he was thinking when the play happened.

"Really, it was going through my mind to get the first down, hold on to the ball and keep the ball in balance and run down and try to get a field  goal.  And the time being tackled, my knee wasn't down but I wasn't --  I didn't hear a whistle, not yet, so I was kind of looking like what's going  on?  But then I heard Darvin come on and the team's going let's go.  I was trying to run to get some extra yards to keep the ball in balance and get a first down."

Dyer said he really wasn't sure if he was down or not.

"At the time I wasn't really sure.  All I knew was the whistle wasn't blowing and my coach was saying go, and I just continued to get some more  yards and keep the play going and keep the ball in the offense's hands. He kept saying go, go, I got the block for you." We were just trying to keep the play going and get some more yards."

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