New brine solution for icy roadways coming soon

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - ALDOT is preparing for the snow and ice road crews to work Sunday night and Monday morning to make sure ice stays off the 1,100 miles of road the department is responsible for in Jefferson and Shelby County.

This weekend the crews will still use sand, fine granules of limestone and a heating chemical called CMA to eliminate the slick and dangerous ice from the roadways. But soon ALDOT will pilot a new program by using a salt brine solution that can be sprayed up to 48 hours in advance of the icy weather. The brine solution can be applied to more of the roadway and will soak into the street, unlike the sand mixture which is often spread out and diminishes before the bad weather hits.

The change to the salt brine solution will take three more weeks to be ready for use on the roads. ALDOT has also discounted fears of salt damage to cars, saying that the amount in the solution is not enough to cause any harm to vehicles driving through it.

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