Gadsden Police use new technology to catch car thieves

GADSDEN (WBRC) - The next time a car burglar breaks into a car in Gadsden, he could be caught on tape.
The Gadsden Police Department's Special Projects Unit successfully arrested six car burglars during a sting that ran throughout the holiday shopping season.

In otherwise normal looking cars (not the standard police vehicle,) authorities stashed cell phones, Christmas presents, and other items of value while hiding a variety of hidden cameras and microphones to catch possible car thieves in the act.
"We used the car in almost every parking lot in Gadsden where holiday shoppers frequent," Sgt. Wayne Keener of the Gadsden Police Department said. "We also used it in different locations throughout the city, where we have activity, known activity of people breaking into cars."
Keener says the car was also parked in areas that reported a number of car thefts, but so far no one's tried to steal one of the bait cars.
And the gadgetry doesn't stop with the cameras and microphones either.
If a thief tries to steal the car, the police can even remotely shut the car down and lock the thief inside, until they're ready to arrest the suspect.  Police demonstrated that very thing to the media Friday afternoon, in the parking lot of an abandoned supermarket.
During the holiday shopping season, police say they did well, even catching two drug deals that coincidentally went down where the car was parked.

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