Anniston adopts school colors for police cars

By Dixon Hayes

ANNISTON, AL (WBRC) - Anniston police cars will have a new, intimidating, but also somewhat familiar look.

The decision by the city council to adopt the Anniston High School Bulldog football colors means the cars will revert to the familiar black and white scheme, as they were before 1992.

Anniston High's colors are black and burgundy, also known as "Bulldog red."  The red will make up the lettering on the white doors.

As the department adds new Ford Crown Victorias to its fleet, the black cars will have white wrapping on its side doors and the lettering over the wrapping.  This is much like the California Highway Patrol scheme, or the one familiar to TV rerun watchers of the 1950s series "Highway Patrol."

Anniston's football team often wears black jerseys with white numbers and burgundy helmets at its home games.

Police Chief Layton McGrady admits the plan had one minor glitch: how the colors would be spread out.  He was concerned about the cars being red.

"You have to make sure that your car is recognizable as a police car, you know, a law enforcement car, not a fire car or something else," said McGrady.  He added the fire department likely wouldn't want that, either.

Anniston's police cars had white doors and roofs until 1993, when they adopted a new design.  The cars were white with blue lettering.  The graphics changed in 2007 with the cars still being white.

The department accepted delivery this week of two cars, and they will hit the streets as soon as all the necessary equipment is installed.  The first order is for six, and the new colors will be phased in as the older cars are replaced.

That means Anniston residents will see three types of police cars in their city for the next few years.

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