Aflac Duck near Auburn in hot water making BCS decision

AUBURN, AL. (WSFA) – The Aflac Duck is confused. For him, the decision on who to cheer for to win the BCS National Championship game could ruffle a few feathers.

Based out of Columbus, Georgia, just a wingspan away from Auburn, Alabama, the Duck has a tough decision to make. Does he fly his feathers for his namesake, the Oregon Ducks, or for his neighbor, the Auburn Tigers?

He is asking for his facebook fans to decide if the Oregon team is the goose to lay the golden egg or if the Auburn Tigers are truly the cat's meow.

"Aflac Duck Seriously, I cannot decide who to back in the championship game. Do I root for my neighbors, the Tigers? Or do I root for my namesake, the Ducks? Help!!"

To help him decide visit his facebook page HERE. He's asking for fans to post videos, pictures, poems, or anything to sway him to change his mind as the War Eagle flies.
"Aflac Duck OK I'm just going to have to leave it up to you, my adoring Facebook friends. Post a video cheer for your team (Auburn or Oregon) and the most creative will sway me to their side. Shy? Post pics or write a poem–anything to pull me to one side or the other. Begin."

Should birds of a feather flock together? Or should he root for a Cat among the pigeons?

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