Flu cases on the rise in Alabama

HOMEWOOD, AL (WBRC) - An increase in the number of flu cases in our area has been reported by the Centers for Disease Control. Doctors say most cases have been "Influenza B," which is a milder strain.

Doctors at Alabama Pediatrics in Homewood say patients started filling up waiting rooms with flu symptoms in December. It seems more children are getting it as they prepare to return to school.

Doctors say the flu vaccine does protect against Influenza B and that is why they continue to urge their patients to get a flu shot.

"For some reason there are many people who are hesitant to get a vaccine which is a mystery to physicians," said Dr. Robert Levin. "It is still recommended for all patients from 6 months and above to get a flu vaccine and it's not too late."

Dr. Levin says peak flu season is January and February with cases continuing into March.

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