Pet dog shot, killed by bow and arrow

SAMANTHA, ALA – A dog owner in Tuscaloosa County is mourning the loss of her pet after she discovered it had been shot in the head by a bow and arrow.

Patricia Livingston regularly takes all of her mixed-breed dogs for walks across the road on her brother's property in Samantha.

Sunday morning she was greeted with a gruesome sight: her dog Cornmeal's head had been pierced through by an arrow. The dog was blinded and had to be put down, Livingston said.

Now, she is concerned for the rest of her dogs.

"I do worry about them, 'cause if somebody could do this, they'll do it in a pen. I do everything I can to protect my dogs," she said.

"How somebody could be so cruel or cold-hearted to do something like this is sad."

Livingston is also concerned that whoever shot her dog could also be a threat to humans. She has filed a report with the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's office, but so far there are no suspects in the incident.

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