Gyms on overload as people resolve to lose weight

By Alan Collins

BIRMINGHAM (WBRC) - It's that time of year. Gym memberships are on the increase as people try to keep New Year's resolutions to get in shape.

In Fultondale, Dorothy Stippler is signing herself and her husband up for work outs at NX Level Fitness. Stippler says she has to get into better shape.

"It's very important to me. I have diabetes in my family. My doctor told me my blood sugar was a little high. I needed to start working out so I wouldn't have diabetes," she said.

These New Year's resolutions are nothing new for fitness trainer Mitch Ross. Ross sees a lot of folks sign up and then drop out.

"They think they are going to drop 30 pounds in month. They over do it. They get sore. They can't move or the environment is so intimidating to them," Ross said.

So what does it take to keep up a fitness routine? 57-year-old Randy Nichols is a fixture at NX Level. Nichols says develop a program that works for you.

"You have to get a program to feel comfortable to what you want to do," Nichols said.

Matthew Smith says setting reasonable goals also helps.

"I have a certain level I'm trying to strive to work out and that motivates me more and more every day," Smith said.

Ross says work towards three to four workouts per week, not a seven-day-a-week routine. Ross says changes must also come in the kitchen.

"You are what you eat. Fat is the worst thing to put into your body. It is killing us," he said.

Stippler remains confident she will succeed in 2011.

"I imagine I will feel better and I can eat healthier and I can fit in my clothes again."

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