Two discovered bodies identified by coroner

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - The Birmingham Coroner has made positive identification of two of the bodies found in Birmingham over the last week.

One of the men has been identified as 43-year-old Jaime Luna Jutierrez of Albertville. Jutierrez's body was found Tuesday on 22nd Street and Ishkooda-Wenonah Road.

Another body found near Hartman Industrial Boulevard was discovered to be 22-year-old Evelyn Peralta, also of Albertville. Peralta's was found after police were investigating a burned-out vehicle. Investigators say she was shot several times, but are awaiting autopsy results.

Another body was found Wednesday morning on Carver Avenue. The coroner has not yet confirmed the identity, but the body is of Hispanic descent.

Officers arrested a 34-year old suspect in connection with the murders of the two men. Detectives say the murders are believed to be drug related.

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