East Coast blizzard affects Birmingham airport

Birmingham International Airport, Dec. 27, 2010 (WBRC photo)
Birmingham International Airport, Dec. 27, 2010 (WBRC photo)

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - The massive blizzard that struck the East Coast on Sunday and Monday caused some flight problems for people Monday trying to fly out of Birmingham.

A flight from Birmingham to LaGuardia in New York was cancelled and flights to Baltimore and Atlanta were delayed.  Officials at the Birmingham International Airport said most flights in Birmingham were not affected Monday by the weather.

The snow storm, which brought snow to northern Alabama on Saturday, dumped several feet of snow across the eastern United States on Sunday and Monday. As of Monday afternoon, both JFK and LGA airports in New York were closed due to snow, along with ACY and EWR in New Jersey.

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