Trussville Christmas light display

It's a home that's the talk of Trussville, and it attracts big crowds every night because of it's over the top Christmas decorations.  There are thirty eight thousand lights and they all flashing to the beat of Christmas music.  A video on You Tube inspired James Morris to try the light display on his home and every year the show gets bigger and bigger.  People pull up and chose a song on this touch screen device.  There's an F.M. transmitter so people can enjoy the musical display in their vehicles.

Kayla  Stewart said, "I think it's really cool, really fun to watch."

Jerry Stewart, said, "Sometimes there's a line of cars. We'll sit in line for like thirty minutes just to get up here to see it."

Morris looks forward to transforming his home every year.  Though it's extremely time consuming, he says it's worth it when it all comes together.

"We have great responses," said Morris. "We have a car full of kids come out, dancing around. We enjoy it. It makes us smile seeing everybody else have a good time."

The show starts automatically at sundown and goes until midnight. You can drive by and see it through New Year's Day.

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