"You are Beautiful" message painted over

BIRMINGHAM,AL (WBRC) - Part of a popular "You are Beautiful" message in Birmingham is now covered up after someone painted profanity over it Thursday night.

The message is on an overpass on the Red Mountain Expressway. Alabama Department of Transportation workers spent the afternoon covering up the obscene message that was painted in red over the original white letters. Birmingham residents said they were disappointed to hear the news.

"It's horrible. It's offensive," said Birmingham resident Shane McWhorter, "It's not something you want to see on your way to work or wherever you are going."

"There is so much negativity right now," said Birmingham resident Bill Deason, "It's a shame that they feel so negative that cover up a sign that gives a positive message."

There are four "You are Beautiful" signs around the Birmingham area. The message on a building at 20th Street and Second Avenue South, was also defaced, saying, "You are Beautiful...sike." The other two messages remain untouched.

Birmingham Mayor William Bell also decried the profanity. "Birmingham is beautiful, period." said Mayor Bell, "A few misguided individuals will not change that or dampen the spirits of the great people of this city."

It is still unknown who painted the original messages, or the profanity.

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