Former homeless man gives back

By Arielle Clay

HOOVER (WBRC) - A large home, a beautiful family and a successful business.  It's a far cry from the life Ronald Sellers used to live.

"I'm blessed today. I have a beautiful home but there was one point where I slept in a ditch, literally in the ditch. There's a time in my life where I ate out of the dumpsters. I went in the dumpster got the old hamburgers and cookies out that the restaurants throw away and that was my dinner," Sellers said.

He says he ended up on the streets after getting caught up in drugs.  He spent a year and a half homeless and in many ways hopeless.  Then one day he decided it was time to change.

"I began to pray and I said Lord I'm struggling and I need your help and I said Lord I promise if you help me I'll serve you," Sellers said.

After that conversation, his life began to turn around.  He got off drugs, got married and started his own business.  But Sellers says he never forgot that promise he made to God.

"I noticed people out on the streets homeless didn't have food didn't have toys and I used to be homeless during the holidays and it's an ugly place to be during the holidays," he said.

So in the garage of Sellers' beautiful home this holiday, he and his family are preparing gift bags for the homeless. The bags are filled with very practical items like combs, canned meat, and toothbrushes.  Things that Ronald said he needed when he was homeless.

However, the bags aren't where Sellers' story ends, in fact he hopes they're the start of a much bigger dream.

"I would like to create a dream center," Sellers said.  "I'd like to create a dream center where people can come every day. We don't ask them for anything.  We help them.  We educate them.  We love them and provide for them."

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