Protect your BCS game tickets from scammers

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - By Sherea Harris

There's a warning for people who have tickets to the BCS National Championship game.

Be careful about how you show off your tickets because you could be helping scam artists make counterfeits.

The ticket has a bar code. The bar code is all a scam artist needs to make bogus tickets. Cell phones and social networking sites are making it easier for these scam artists to do their jobs.

Some fans are so excited to have get tickets so they are sharing them through their cell phones and even posting pictures of them on Facebook.  Ticket brokers warn fans about doing so. A broker, L.T. Schroeder, says all a counterfeiter needs is the bar code to make fake tickets.

"The bar code is the key for entry into game. Everything else is a piece of paper," said Schroeder. "The bar code tells who it was purchased from, how it was purchased, the section, row and seat number. It's the validity of the whole ticket."

Getting a ticket and going to the game is a big deal, so ticket brokers say it's okay if you want to take a picture of the tickets and share the pictures.

Just be sure to take precautions by covering up the bar code.

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