Rainbow City gunman won't be charged

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - A gunman who held police at bay in Rainbow City Saturday night and shut down a busy highway in the middle of holiday shopping, won't be charged in the incident according to police.

Police say 58-year-old Donald Thrasher fired at buildings--including businesses--and walked back and forth across Rainbow Drive with a gun drawn.  It prompted multiple agents and SORT team to converge on the scene and shut down the highway, also known as US 411.  Several nearby businesses even had to go into lockdown mode, including Martin's, a family clothing store full of holiday shoppers.

Thrasher was ultimately arrested without incident after requesting to talk to Attalla Police officer Khris Yancey.

Rainbow City Police Chief Allan Ragan says the department does not plan to charge Thrasher because they're trying to get mental health care for the man, and say criminal charges would prevent that from happening.

Ragan says the man pointed the gun at a family member at one point, but the family member won't press charges.

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