Riley to sign ethics reform into law

MONTGOMERY, AL (WBRC) - Governor Riley prepares to sign his much anticipated ethics reform legislation into law on Monday.

Seven bills were passed during last week's special session. The bills include a ban on PAC to PAC transfers, giving the power to subpoena to the Ethics Commission, a ban on pass-through pork and limiting what lobbyists and those who hire them can spend to entertain lawmakers.  

Lawmakers also approved a ban on double dipping by state legislators. That means legislators who also have jobs with the state will have to decide between the two, but they won't have do it until 2014.
That comes as good news to three lawmakers who hold positions in the state's two year college system. Democrat Senator Quinton Ross of Montgomery holds a position at Trenholm State Tech and Democrat Representative Pebblin Warren of Tuskegee is an employee of Alabama Industrial Training Institute. Republican Todd Greeson of Ider holds a position at Northeast Community College.

Governor Riley vowed to see ethics reform passed before he leaves office in January. It is one of his last acts as governor. Riley says he is working closely with governor-elect Dr. Robert Bentley as both administrations make the transition.

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