Cafe De Paris French Crepes Suzette

Cafe De Paris French Crepes Suzette

4 eggs

3oz. sugar

3oz unsalted butter

4oz of flor

1/2 L of milk

pinch of cinnamon

2 oranges

Splash of grand marnier

In a big mixing bowl, put your 4 eggs whipped and then add the sugear. Add flour, the melted butter and the cinnamon. Mix everyhing together and let your mixture set for 5 minutes. Peel your orange and remove the skin.

Heat a pan, once it's hot enought, spray  it and put one small ladder onto your pan. Cook the first side 3 minutes and the second side one minute.

Using the same pan heat your orange juice inside with your segments, deglaze with the grand marnier, and stuff your crepes with the segments and the juice.