Soldier surprises his twin siblings at Greenwood Elementary

By Alan Collins

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - It was an early Christmas present for two first graders at Greenwood Elementary in Jefferson County Thursday.  At lunchtime seven-year-old twins Faith and David Glass were surprised by their step-brother Patrick who was home from Afghanistan.

"I was so happy. I just wanted to go up and hug him," Faith Glass said.

This will be Patrick's first Christmas at home in years.

"It means a lot. I get to see everyone in my family. I'm going to really enjoy Christmas this year," Patrick Glass said.

Patrick was also a student at Greenwood Elementary. His teacher was Deanie Stephens Cole. Cole helped arrange the surprise for the twins who she is now teaching.

"When I saw that hug, it brought earns to my eyes. I'm still crying about it. Our children are still into thanking our soldiers," Cole said.

Cole says there should be homecoming events for all soldiers coming like this one. Patrick's parents were moved by the tribute.

"He is doing what most of us always done. Serving our country and keeping us all safe," James Glass said.

"I'm overwhelmed. I'm so glad he is safe. We worry if he doesn't call every other day. We are happy he is home," Denna Glass said.

Patrick heads back into service in 30 days. He plans to rest mostly but younger step-brother David has other ideas.

"Play with Wii and Star Wars stuff," David Glass said.

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