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Birmingham city Christmas tree destroyed by fire

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - A 40-foot Christmas tree in downtown Birmingham was destroyed by fire early Wednesday morning in what city officials say may have been a copper theft attempt.

City officials said the fire happened at approximately 4 a.m.  Investigators said someone set the electrical box on fire that powered the tree, which then set the tree on fire.  They said the person may have been trying to steal copper from the electrical box, but they don't know for certain.

The 40-foot spruce was one of four Christmas trees put on display by the city of Birmingham throughout the metro area. City officials said the tree and decorations, which cost a total of $7,500, would not be replaced due to the cost to replace it and the incident happening so close to Christmas.

City workers removed the burned Christmas tree Wednesday morning.

City leaders said they did not know who set the fire, but they believed the incident was "random" and not a deliberate attempt to burn the Christmas tree.

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