Filmmakers see potential in Alabama

BESSEMER, AL (WBRC) - By Sherea Harris
BESSEMER, AL (WBRC) - Efforts to get more films shot in Alabama may finally be paying off.

Last year, state lawmakers passed an incentive program for film production. There's been some success from it.

The feature film After is being shot right now in Bessemer. It's a psychological thriller and the third in the state to qualify for the program.

The Birmingham-Jefferson Film Office has been marketing the state's competitive incentive program which has been appealing to production companies.

Mark Stricklin is the director of the Birmingham-Jefferson Film Office. He said, "This is just another industry that has been somewhat forgotten by a lot of states. But we see value in it. We see jobs in it."

"What's cool about Birmingham is there are a lot of different looks here", said Ryan Smith, director of After. "We've shot all over the place. We shot in downtown, Tannehill State Park, neighborhoods, streets, and we've found everything we needed here."

After will actually be shown in movie theatres sometime next year.    

Some other films that qualified for the program were Lifted and October Baby.

They were both independent films shot primarily in Birmingham.

The film industry is continuing to thrive in the state. Two more films will be shot here in the beginning of the year.

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