Governor-elect Robert Bentley addresses Birmingham Business Alliance

By Alan Collins

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Governor-elect Robert Bentley is promising to help solve many of Jefferson County and Birmingham's major problems.  Bentley addressed the annual meeting of the Birmingham Business Alliance Tuesday, Dec. 14.

The governor-elect says Birmingham is vital to the state economy but there are two major problems: the county's $3 billion sewer debt and a court striking down the $75 million dollar occupational tax.

Bentley says it will be up the new leadership in the area to solve those problems but he is promising if they do not he will help. Bentley is also vowing there will be a solution to the highway congestion on Highway 280.  While not endorsing any particular solution, Bentley says there have been too many studies and now is the time for one plan. He says he will make it after taking the office of governor.