Lawmakers expected to finish special session on Tuesday

MONTGOMERY, AL (WBRC) - State lawmakers are likely to wrap up their special session on Tuesday.

Lawmakers have worked fairly quickly to tie up ethics reform legislation. Governor Riley wanted something on his desk before he leaves office next month. His bill on lobbyist limits is the one getting the most attention.

The governor wants the limit set at $25 per gift and $100 per year from each lobbyist to each lawmaker. The bill that passed Friday in the Senate completely prohibits lobbyist gifts. It lets the organizations that hire lobbyists spend an unlimited amount. That bill was sponsored by Gardendale Republican Scott Beason.

A third proposal that passed in House committee Monday would prohibit lobbyist gifts and limit the spending by organizations to $100 per year on each official.

House and Senate members will have to agree on a final version before they send it to Governor Riley.

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