Dressing for frigid temperatures

BIRMINGHAM (WBRC) - Alabamians are no strangers to cold weather, however, when the temperature dips well below freezing, extra precautions need to be taken, especially for those who spend most of their days outside.

Valet drivers at Do Di Yo's in downtown Homewood, Jeff Williams and Bobby Parker, are braving the cold parking cars during the cold days and into the frigid night for the restaurant's customers.

"It's about as cold as I've had to deal with so far," Williams said. "I got two sweatshirts on under this [a windbreaker], a pair of blue jeans, a couple pairs of socks, I need some gloves actually. I probably should get some of those.

However, they say that wearing gloves actually makes it more difficult to take the keys from customers and start the cars, so Parker has found a way to keep his hands warm without gloves.

"I've got these hand warmers, Hot Hands, I thought they weren't working at first but they're pretty warm now. I just keep them in my pockets," Parker said.

Working several stories above the ground, construction workers at UAB find no relief from the freezing temperatures and wind. They say at those heights, layering clothing isn't enough.

"Keep it moving, they way you'll stay warm," said Walter Smith, one of the construction workers. "Keep your mind off being cold. Just keep working."

Still, it's important to remember that staying warm isn't just about being comfortable, says Fox 6 meteorologist Wes Wyatt. When the weather is this cold, everyone needs to take precautions.

"You have frostbite in that situation," he said. "You also have the threat of hypothermia if you get caught outside for long period of time, your body temperature drops at or below 95 degrees, you start feeling lethargic, it's a good symptom that hypothermia may be setting in."
But everyone can agree that the best solution for all of this bitter cold is a change of seasons.

"I'm ready for the warmth," Parker said. "I'm ready for Alabama summers to come back."

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