Yellow dot could save lives in a car wreck

By Jonathon Hardison


First it was a cellphone, then a GPS device; now the newest accessory every driver should have: a yellow dot in your rear window.

The yellow dot is a part of a new safety program slowly going statewide. Starting today, Jefferson County drivers can take advantage of a program that could save minutes and lives in a car crash.

If you have a yellow dot on your back window, that means you have a special folder in your glove box. Inside is a picture of you and all of your medical information such as allergies and blood type, the phone number for your doctor and emergency contact information--all info that first responders can use even if you can't help them.

"This document is going to speak for them," said Jefferson County Sheriff Mike Hale. "And the first responders and the fire department, they're gonna have a photo of this person. So this person, verbally, doesn't have to say anything at all."

Hale introduced the program Thursday in Hoover to a group of seniors who were the first in Jefferson County to enroll.

"I think it's great," said Larry Berry, one of the new drivers to sign up for the program. "Not only for the seniors, but for everybody. No matter what age you are, you need some kind of identification."

"This is gonna save lives on the side of the road," said Hale. "And if anybody has been on the side of the road waiting for help to come, they know that minutes seem like hours. So this is really gonna speed the process up and it's gonna be great for citizens."

In about five minutes they filled out their medical information, took a picture and put the yellow dot on their car.

With 28 police departments county-wide and dozens of fire districts, Sheriff Hale says having a yellow dot on your car lets anyone know how to help.

"This document is going to allow paramedics and doctors to render medical attention without fear of getting into something they shouldn't get into," Hale said.

"If we have any kind of problems that are different than just ordinary disease--if you have an allergy or anything like that, a certain blood type or anything--they need to know that right quick," said Berry.

It started with seniors, but anyone who wants to enroll can sign up at 13 locations countywide. Here they are:

-Bessemer Fire Department

-Bluff Park United Methodist Church

-Center Point Fire Department

-City of Gardendale Fire Department

-City of Graysville Fire Department

-Concord Fire Department

-Forestdale Fire Department

-Hoover Fire Department

-McCalla Fire Department

-Minor Fire Department

-Rocky Ridge Fire Department

-Sylvan Springs Fire Department

-Warrior Fire Department

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