Beware of imposters knocking at your door

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - By Emily Luxen

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Birmingham police are warning residents to be on the lookout for scam artists or burglars going door to door posing as employees for service companies. One individual was spotted in the 1500 block of Bush Boulevard claiming to be from a cable company. Neighbors were alarmed to hear of the incident.

"It makes me feel uncomfortable," said resident Eleanita Scott. "This is a safe neighborhood, and there aren't many problems that I have heard of."

Sgt. Johnny Williams said many of these scam artists will try and rob or take advantage of residents. He said people should be cautious and not feel pressured to let anyone in their house.

"If you know you aren't expecting someone at your house, don't open the door," said Sgt. Williams. "If they are from a cable company or utility company, then call the company to see if they sent anyone to your home."

Ensley residents said now they will be especially cautious.

"If I don't know you, normally I will talk through the screen door, but i'm not going to let you inside my house," said Mary Dowdell.

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