Barons renew 5-year lease with Hoover

HOOVER (WBRC) - The Birmingham Barons have renewed their lease with the city of Hoover and will continue to play at Regions Park for the next five years, Mayor Tony Petelos confirms to Fox 6.

Petelos said he wasn't surprised by the teams' decision to renew, even though the Barons signed a letter of intent to move to Birmingham once a downtown stadium had been constructed.

"I knew they wouldn't sign it, because the only other option was Rickwood Field," Petelos told the Birmingham Business Journal. ""Birmingham has a long way to go to build a stadium, they haven't acquired property or started building the stadium, but I can assure our residents that Regions Park will not go dark."

There was no mention of extending the lease at the end of the five-year term in a letter to the city.

Even if the Barons were to leave Regions Park, Hoover has already received several options from outside organizations to occupy the stadium that Petelos has turned down. "The one thing I've learned through this process is that there is demand for other types of sports, and even if the Barons move out, we'll continue to be successful bringing sports into Regions Park," Petelos said.

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