Auburn fans hope more than 50 years of waiting will soon be over

By Alan Collins

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - It's been a long wait between national championships for Auburn. The school is shooting for its second national football title with a showdown against Oregon in the BCS bowl game in Arizona.

Stan White knows about championship football. White quarterbacked the 1993 team to an undefeated 11-0 record but there were no titles because the team was on NCAA probation. White sees similar attributes with the 2010 team.

"We had to come behind in four or five wins but this quarterback is more talented than I ever thought about being," White said.

Monday, White is wondering what if things were different and his team had a chance to play for the national title. White works now for the Auburn Radio Network. He saw the 2004 team also go undefeated but it was again shut out of the national championship. Watching the 2010 team lead by Cam Newton, White and other Auburn fans hope this will be a special year.

"Maybe the process of coming together. We get the right coach, the right staff, the right players and the fans are rabid. If you could have been in the Georgia Dome, the fans are hungry for it," White said.

White's feelings are shared by Auburn fans who badly want a second national title.

"All I heard from Alabama fans has been how long it's been. We are going this year, so they can shut up," Jaron Hicks, Auburn fan said.

"I'm so excited. We are 13-and-0 and we are going to national championship," Ben Gillis, another Auburn fan said.

Some Auburn fans believe this is a team of destiny that will not be denied by the Oregon Ducks. Meanwhile, White says he won't prepare for what he will say or do for the radio audience if they win on Jan. 10 in Arizona.

"I'll just sit back with 90 percent of the Auburn fans and say this is one for the ages," White said.