COPY-Pumpkin soup

Pumpkin Soup
By. Chef Josh Haynes, Whole Foods Market
Serves 4-6  2 lb peeled, seeded, cubed pumpkin (red kuri squash, kabocha squash,        acorn squash or butternut squash) 1 large yellow onion, chopped 1-2 t curry powder 1 t fresh thyme leaves 2 T butter 1 q vegetable stock or chicken stock 1 c heavy cream salt and pepper to taste 2 T ghee (brown butter is a fine alternative) toasted sliced almonds or toasted chopped pistachios, to garnish fresh pomegranate arils, to garnish  Cut the squash(es) in half, scrape out seeds, and arrange the halves cut side up on a baking sheet. Season with salt and pepper, and roast in a 400 oven. When the squash is tender and has begun to color, remove from the oven. Sautee the onion in the butter until translucent; when it begins to turn golden, add the thyme and curry powder and continue to sauté for a few moments until fragrant. Pour in half of the stock and cream, remove from heat. Scoop the roasted squash flesh out of the skins and puree it with the onion and liquid mixture, adding additional stock as necessary. Aim for a thick cream soup consistency. Season with salt and pepper. Return the soup to the stove, and when hot, ladle into warmed bowls. Garnish with drizzle of ghee, and a sprinkling of toasted almonds or pistachios and pomegranate arils.

GDA Cooking - November 10, 2010