Mountain Brook homes destroyed in morning blaze

MOUNTAIN BROOK, AL (WBRC) - A Mountain Brook home was destroyed by fire on Friday after crews spent the morning putting out hot spots at a home on Stoneridge Drive.

The fire department got the call at around 7:00 a.m. and found heavy smoke when they arrived at the house. Firefighters say they had a difficult time fighting the blaze because there were a lot of belongings inside the house.

They also said it took some prodding to get the homeowner to the hospital. "She had a little bit of soot and she was a little disoriented originally, but they treated her," said Battalion Chief Stacey Cole. "She originally decided she didn't want to go the hospital, but we were able to talk her into being treated and we were able to talk her into going to a local hospital."

As for the cause of the fire, that is still under investigation. The battalion chief did say that it appears the fire started in the central part of the house.

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