Riley: No special session for Jeffco

By Alan Collins

MONTGOMERY, AL (WBRC) - Governor Bob Riley says he will not call a special session to deal with Jefferson County's latest financial troubles.

Montgomery Circuit Judge Charles Price struck down the county's occupational tax on Wednesday. Price ruled it was not properly advertised. This means the loss of $75 million dollars a year for the county.

Last year, the loss of the occupational tax led to employees being laid off, satellite courthouses being shut down and long lines at the downtown courthouse for taxpayers.

Riley says there is not enough time to call a session, but feels the loss of a quarter of the county's budget is a need for local officials to band together. "It's time for all elected officials and especially the senators and representatives from up there to come together and let's solve this once and for all. We've been going through this thing for years," Riley said.

On Friday, attorneys for Jefferson County have asked Judge Price to allow them to continue to collect the tax until the case if resolved on appeal.

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