Vestavia family's Christmas decorations stolen


VESTAVIA HILLS (WBRC) - Several Vestavia families woke up Thursday morning missing Christmas decorations out of their front yard.

The Youngblood family had a train with Santa and a snowman stolen.

Allison Youngblood says she and her husband put the elaborate decor up mainly for their two-year old little girl. Youngblood says her little one would sit at the window for 30 minutes at a time just watching Santa.

Now all that's left is an extension cord and stakes in the ground, where the inflatable once sat.

She says several other families are reporting the same situation: decorations disappearing in the middle of the night.

Police are asking residents to scribe, if possible, their names into any decorations put in front yards.  That way if police find it dumped somewhere they'll know who it belongs to.

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