Five pet goats shot at close range and killed in Walker County

By Karen Church

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Five goats in the Walker County community of Nauvoo were found savagely killed in a pasture that was specially built for their beloved pets. Their owners, Willis and Deborah Warren, made the gruesome discovery Saturday evening at 6:30. The Warrens had hand-fed two of the goats since they were born because they were rejected by their mothers.

The Warrens considered each goat to be a family pet. The three female goats were related as mother, daughter and granddaughter and all were pregnant.

The Nubian goats were all shot at close range, and the Warrens say whoever shot them had to have come onto their property. The goats were not visible from the country road in front of the Warrens' home.

The Warrens are worried that whoever did this may move on to inflict violence against a human or more animals.

The Warrens have recently set up a ministry at their house and say they have no enemies. Ironically, they moved to Nauvoo five years ago to escape the increasing violence in Memphis.

A reward is available for anyone who can point to the killer or killers.

Anyone who has any information about this case should call the Walker County Sheriff's office.

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