Abbott gets life in prison for quadruple murder

At the end of his sentencing trial, convicted murderer Scott Abbott addressed the families of the four victims he killed in Hueytown in March 2009. The judge granted Abbott's request to face the family members of Jeri Lyn Cole, Nikia Sandlin, Josh Gileo and Chad Gilbert, all of whom he stabbed to death.

"I can understand where the pain comes from. I cry every night and am so sorry," Abbott said. He added that since becoming a Christian, he prays for the victims' families every night.

"No tears come now because I've cried myself so numb. I lose sleep every night. I did not mean to do this. It was truly an act of rage," he said.

Abbott then spoke about each of the four victims by name, acknowledging his relationship with each one. He said he "truly loved" Jeri Lyn Cole, his ex-girlfriend who was 27 at the time of her murder.

The defense attorney spoke about Abbott's difficult childhood of abandonment and abuse. Abbott also has a history of mental disease.

The victims' family members have made it clear they want Abbott to receive the death penalty. The held a peaceful protest on the Jefferson County courthouse steps today to make their wishes public. In October, a jury recommended a sentencing of life in prison without the possibility of parole.

The sentencing began at 2:00 p.m. and at approximately 3:40 p.m. the judge ruled to uphold the jury's recommendation and give Abbott a sentence of life in prison without parole.

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